Ozone Therapy Links


Ozone Therapy Links

Ozone Therapy Clinic

Ozone Therapy at its finest using RHP Therapies, also a source for Ozone generators for all types oxygen therapies.

Oxygen Therapy TV

Your one stop video source for oxygen therapy

Ozone Therapy A Medical Breakthrough

Award winning Ozone Therapy Documentary available for purchase outlining the use of Medical Ozone Therapy throughout the world.

The Controversial World of Medical Ozone Therapy Use

Comprehensive blog on Ozone Therapy. What is Ozone and Ozone Therapies in the world today explained and detailed, as well as it’s historical use and significance. Many subjects are included such as Diseases, Conditions, Humanity, Medical Mafia, Government Control, Pharmaceutical Control, Blunders, Natural Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Complimentary Health, Alternative Health and more…

Ozone Therapy Centre

Medical therapy videos offering certified Ozone RHP/EBOO-SAFE therapies. State-of-the-art advanced medical ozone treatments for maintaining health and curing disease.

Facebook Medical Ozone Therapy

To progress the true value of Ozone as a viable Alternative Medical Therapy. Join and become part of this nobel cause.

Google+Ozone Therapy

Creating more awareness on the ability, safety and efficacy of ozone in all forms of health and medicine.

Ozone Therapy Enthusiests

Ozone is the very best and safest modality that one can use to treat any illness, please open your minds and hearts, join the group and share something valuable with all those willing to listen…

Yahoo Group

Free speech encouraged and never banned for it. Mostly about Ozone therapy in its advanced form. Be careful what you decide to do with this information is up to you as you are responsible for your health and most of all your actions.

Therapists Yahoo Group

This group is for ozone therapists to share and discuss. The main topic is how to have a harmonious agreement between all ozonists around the world. Doesn’t mean that we have to like each other just means we must try to work hand in hand to ensure that ozone therapy goes to the next level and that being a true Medical Modality.

 Radio Interview#1  :

One World Radio – Patrick Timpone

Beck n’ Stuff Health Group

A good mix of health information from all sources and all different modalities including ozonetherapy.

Alternative News Site

Have you had enough of the mainstream media information monopoly?

The world’s first centralised news alternative is here.

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No sport; No celebrities; No party politics; No preaching!

Masses of content available in hundreds of Topics including:

health & healing, science, geopolitics, the paranormal, consciousness, environment, human rights, self-sufficiency, ancient mysteries, food growing & cooking + more.

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