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Ozone Therapy Ascaris Suum

Ozone Therapy Ascaris Suum

Ozone Therapy Ascaris Suum

Destruction of Helminth Eggs (Ascaris suum) by Medical Ozone

Ma. Teresa Orta de Velasquez1, Ma. Neftalí Rojas2, José L. Martínez, Ignacio Monje
Instituto de Ingeniería, Coordinación de Ingeniería Ambiental, Universidad Nacional
Autónoma de México, Apartado Postal 70-472, Coyoacán 04510, D.F México D.F, México.


This paper reports the destruction of potentially viable fertilised helminth eggs by means of ozone treatment at different conditions. After the first hour and half of ozonation at  9.2 and  18.4 mg O3/min rates with pHi  =  5,  94% of the eggs evidenced complete disintegration. Best results were obtained after two hours, when 100% of the eggs were destroyed. It could therefore be demonstrated that ozone indeed induces effects on the helminth eggs.

Those eggs that were not destroyed at the beginning of the treatment because of insufficient contact time and dose, proved to be viable and persistent upon incubation. After 2 hours of ozonation, at pHi 5 and a 18.4 mg O3/min rate, COD removal was 75%. After 4 hours of ozonation of the egg suspension, COD removal reached 83 to  93%. These results agree with previously reported high reactivity of ozone against hydrolysed amino acids, characteristic of the proteins covering the first layer of the helminth eggs, in an acid medium.

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