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Medical Ozone Neoplasm

Medical ozone neoplasm

Medical Ozone Neoplasm

Three case reports on the holistic approach to patients  with neoplasm including the use of medical ozone.

Thomas Marshall-Manifold
Wimbledon Clinic of Natural Medicine, London, UK.


One  of  the  perceived  difficulties  conventional  medicine has in the acceptance of an holistic approach to illness is the  lack  of  objective  control  in  the  establishment, progression,  or  regression  of  an  illness.  There  is  also reluctance on the part of those in the holistic professions to place their therapies “on the line” in the belief that the holistic approach can not be established and monitored through conventional methods. This paper demonstrates that  the  second  concept  is  ill  founded,  and  that  the reluctance of main stream medicine to give credence and acceptance to an holistic approach could be overcome, if those practices were to employ conventional methods and diagnostic  procedures  coupled  to  their  own  traditional methods.

The reports on three patients whose health is established in a neoplastic environment are treated not specifically for neoplasm but as whole individual entities. The treatment programme  comprising  not  of  one  modality  but  of  a complimentary “mix”, it being the author’s experience that the strength of a balanced approach has more chance of success.

The simple yet all important use of ozone as an oxygen therapy  is  considered  to  be  central  to  the  treatment programme in all three cases, as is the use of tumour markers to establish the speed and course of the illness recovery.

Read full document Medical Ozone Neoplasm here.

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