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Medical Ozone Cosmetology

Medical Ozone Cosmetology

We are pleased to present you the following high-effective methods of using medical ozone cosmetology:

  1. Nonsurgical liposuction – subcutaneous injections of ozone-oxygen gas mixture in cellulites and local lipodystrophy;
  2. Lipo Correction – apparative (vacuum or vacuum-vibratory) massage with ozonated anti cellulite oil (gel) in cellulites and local lipodystrophy;
  3. Methodical complex to make face and body skin youthful and to correct its defects (scars, wrinkles), in acne rash, fungal lesions – ozone is used in gaseous phase, in the form of ozonized water, fine dispersions of ozonized water and ozonized olive oil;
  4. Ozone irrigations by means of ozone-resistant frame-chambers (i.e. for alopecia treatment by means of chamber “cap”);
  5. Ozone baths and
  6. Ozone-steam sauna as a regenerative, sanative and detoxication factor.

For the start we would recommend you the method of nonsurgical liposuction, which has proved to be clinically high-effective and returns the invested money in a short time.

To realize this method you will need a medical ozone generator (which can be equipped with a built-in low-flow unit designed particularly for multi-injection method), pumping unit, disposable syringes 20, 60 ml, multi-injectors for 3, 5, 7 needles, thin needles (28G), ozonized anti cellulite gel or oil. One treatment course consists of 6–12 procedures 1-2 times a week. Before the basic treatment it is recommended to perform a preparatory vacuum-vibratory massage with ozonated oil or gel (the “problem” area is prepared for subcutaneous injections, at the same time, owing to the analgesic effect of ozone the threshold of pain sensitivity is reduced), then the ozone-oxygen mixture is injected into the cellulites area through single thin needles or by means of multi-injectors according to the definite schema. After the introduction of gas mixture the area should be carefully massaged for equal distribution of gas mixture in subcutaneous cell tissue.


Vacuum-vibratory massage by ozonized olive oil (gel)


Injections of ozone-oxygen mixture (through single needles)


Low-flow multi-injectory method

In contrast to injections of ozone-oxygen mixture through single needles,the low-flow multi-injection method is performed as follows: the special outlet of ozone generator is connected to the multi-injector (the so-called “comb”) for 3 – 5 – 7 exits attached to connection hoses fitted with thin needles to be applied subcutaneously to a “problem” area. As a result, the ozone-oxygen mixture is supplied to the cellulites area directly from the apparatus at stably low flow-rate (less than 2 ml/min), during the procedure it is equally distributed through intercellular space of the problem area. Thanks to the low flow rate and supply equality, the procedure is atraumatic, efficient and painless, popular among both doctors and patients. According to the above-mentioned, it requires an ozone generator with a built-in ozone-oxygen low-flow unit (at the same time, this ozone generator can operate at its usual mode as well).

The therapeutic effect of ozone in cellulites is produced through different mechanisms of action. Ozone reacts with the double bonds of the unsaturated fatty acids by modifying their properties that results in the breakdown of lipid chain, the hydrophobic lipids are converted into the less stable hydrophilic compounds.

Thanks to the properties to improve micro-circulation, to increase the capacity of the erythrocytes to transport oxygen to tissues as well as the fibrinolytic effect, ozone facilitates the resorption of the part of connective tissue structures surrounding the adipocyte that normalizes fat cell metabolism.

The introduction of ozone improves the course of cellulites at any stage. In order to determine the efficiency and tolerance of ozone therapy in comparison with the traditional methods of treatment for cellulites and local lipodystrophy, the physicians of the Russian Association of Ozone Therapy conducted a great number of investigations including the measurement of the area of damaged surfaces and local temperature with consideration of general clinical picture and came to a conclusion that ozone-oxygen therapy is significantly more effective than the traditional well-known methods of treatment for cellulites (the effect is noticeable already after first procedures) and complies with all the actual medical requirements for safety and efficiency of the treatment.

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