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Ozone Therapy Organ Evolution

Ozone therapy organ evolution

Ozone Therapy Organ Evolution

Multiple Organ Injury Evolution in an Experimental Model of Burn Mice Treated with Ozone Therapy and Aloe 

Teresita Montero, Silvia Menéndez1* and José Hurtado
“Dr. Luis Díaz Soto” Hospital, 1Ozone Research Center. P O Box 6880, Havana, Cuba.


Burn disease is related with sepsis, generalized systemic inflammation syndrome, multiple  organ  dysfunction  syndrome,  shock,  etc.  Taking  into  account  the therapeutic properties of ozone and Aloe b, a study of the multiple organ injury evolution, in an experimental model of critically burn mice, using both medication was performed. Animals were divided into 5 groups: 1-no treated, hydration with saline solution after burn; 2-placebo, as group 1 but maintaining the hydration daily up to 14 days; 3-aloe b, 15 treatments of aloe b in saline solution after burn; 4-ozone, hydration after burn and then treated with 15 treatments of ozone (rectal); 5-aloe b+ozone, as groups 3 and 4. Respect to vitality, ozone was the only that presented active animals (75 %). Also presented an increase in the figures of catalase and histological studies demonstrated less damage, respect to the other groups. Ozone was capable to diminish mortality and regulate the body response.


While many burn injuries are minor and require little or no intervention, approximately 70,000 persons are hospitalized for these injuries, and  20,000 of this number are burnt severely enough to require admission to a specialized burn unit. Burns are predisposed to infection by damaging the protective barrier function of the skin, thus facilitating the entry of  pathogenic microorganisms, and by inducing systemic immunosuppression. It is therefore not surprising that infectious complications are the major cause of morbidity and mortality in a serious burn injury. Severe burns cause defects in both cellular and humoral immunity that have a major impact on infection. The increased levels of multiple cytokines detected in burn patients are compatible with the widely held belief that the inflammatory response becomes unregulated in these individuals. Therefore, burn disease is related with sepsis, generalized systemic inflammation syndrome, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, shock, trauma, etc.

Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), get importance in the eighty decade. It is defined as an acute threat of the homeostasis due to an intense physiological attack (2). In answer to this, a systemic inflammatory response (SIR) is produced by the action of several mediators that give rise to a progressive organ and system dysfunction  (3). A rapid and decisive treatment is necessary in order to avoid death (4,5). The number of morphological…

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