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Ozone Regeneration Hemodialyzers

Ozone regeneration haemodialyzers

Ozone Regeneration Hemodialyzers

Regeneration of Hemodialyzers with Ozone

 Ónody1, Gy. Wittmann2, É. Kiss3, Gy. Gál1, A. Dombi2
1Regional Blood Transfusion Center, National Blood Transfusion Service,
Szeged, H-6701, P.O.Box 988, Hungary
2Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, University of Szeged, H-6701, P.O.Box 440, Hungary
3GAMBRO Dialysis Center, Szeged, H-6725 Semmelweis u. 6, Hungary


The disinfection of hemodialyzer membranes with ozone was evaluated. Cellulosic membranes infected by Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Escherichia or Candida species could be sterilized very effectively by a 2-minute treatment with a  4 mg dm-3  ozone solution. Pyrogenic substances (endotoxins) can also be removed by ozone.

The effects of ozone on the permeability and mechanical properties of the membranes were assessed by determining the in vitro urea, creatinine and vitamin B12 clearances, the ultrafiltration coefficient and the pressure resistance. Treatment of the membrane with a  4 mg dm-3 ozone solution for  160 min caused no significant changes in these parameters.

These results indicate that ozone may be regarded as a possible disinfectant for hemodialyzer sterilization for reuse: it is a very effective germicide which does not lead to the formation of toxic disinfection by-products, and the functionality of the membrane remains intact during disinfection.

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