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Ozone Therapy Asthma

Ozone therapy asthma

Ozone Therapy Asthma

Changes in Glutathione Antioxidant Pathway Components, HLA-DR and IgE in Blood from Asthma Patients Treated with Ozone Therapy.

 Frank Hernández, Idania Alvarez, Ivonne Corcho and Maritza González
Department of Biomedicine, Ozone Research Center, National Center for Scientific
Research, A.Postal 6412, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba.


We have studied the behavior of the erythrocyte glutathione antioxidant pathway, the HLA-DR molecule expression and the serum IgE level in patients suffering reactive asthma, whose were treated with ozone major autohemotherapy or rectal insufflation. A subgroup of patients having high levels of serum IgE (> 250 IU/mL) presented high level of HLA-DR expression (> 35 %) and lower concentrations of erythrocyte GSH (<2.00 µmol/g.Hb) and GPx (< 11.62 IU/g.Hb) as a basal state before the beginning of ozone therapy. GST and GR were in the normal range. After to complete 15 sessions of ozone autohemotherapy applications (dose of 8 mg each session), all parameters in the glutathione antioxidant pathway were highly elevated and, IgE and HLA-DR levels decreased markedly respect to the initial values.

With ozone rectal insufflation (20 sessions at an ozone dose of 10 mg each one), similar results were achieved although the changes were not so significant as in authohemotherapy. When the analysis was done considering all patients (with or without initial high level of IgE) the changes in GSH, GPx and GST were sligthly higher after autohemotherapy without changes in GR and IgE, but HLA-DR expression significantly decreased. These findings support a role for IgE producing oxidative stress and inflammation in allergenic asthma. On the other hand, ozone therapy proved to be effective in this disease due, likely, to its regulation on glutathione antioxidant pathway which lead to a control in the oxidative stress present in the asthma patients and a change in the cytokine pattern.

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