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Ozone Therapy Breast Cancer

Ozone therapy breast cancer

Ozone Therapy Breast Cancer

Ozone Therapy in a Complex Treatment of Breast Cancer

Claudia N.Kontorshchikova 1, Anna V.Alaysova 2, Igor G.Terentiev 3
1 Chair of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics, Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy,
10/1 Minin sq., N. Novgorod, 603005, Russia
2,3 Department of Oncology, Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy, 10/1 Minin sq., N. Novgorod, 603005, Russia


There  have  been  followed  up      52  women  with  breast  cancer,  confirmed  histologically, age ranging from 40 to 60 years. 32 patients along with cytostatic therapy have undergone a course of ozone therapy of intravenous infusions or rectal insufflations and ozonated water per os. 20 women were on conventional polychemotherapy. The groups were compatible according to the age, stage of the disease and accompanying pathology. Involvement of ozone therapy in a complex  treatment  of  patients  with  breast  cancer  helped  to  diminish  the incidence and degree of cytostatics toxic side effects, improve their life quality and  immunological  parameters  and  significantly  increase  the  activity  of antioxidant defense system.


The recent years have been marked by a growing incidence of breast cancer (BC) in many of economically developed countries. BC has become the most common oncological pathology in women since the beginning of  1980-s and in Russia it has moved to the first place (17.4%) among malignant tumors and to the second place (13.7%) concerning the mortality rate (4). In Russia BC is daily diagnosed in 102 women, 50% being malignancy of III-IV stage (3).

Cancer is considered to be a free radicals pathology. In 1998 N.Emanuel  (17) having referred to typical regulations of tumor development, suggested the hypothesis of free radicals (FR)  playing  an  important  role  not  only  in  the  primary  mechanisms  of cancerogenesis but in the further tumor development An important role of free radicals oxidation  in  pathogenesis  of  malignant  development  was  later  confirmed  by  different authors both in Russia and abroad (9,10,14,15,20). The quantity of free radicals and LP products changes according to the stage of oncological development. It cannot be excluded that severe toxic events that occur at the terminal stage of the disease   are caused by accumulation of hydro oxidative radicals in the organism (16,18).

The essence of the mechanisms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy that are widely used in the BC treatment can be reduced to free radicals release. Their excessive accumulation has a damaging effect on membranes both of tumor and healthy cells, causing serious metabolic disbalance, resulting in functional disorders of different organs. In these conditions special attention should be attached to coordinated interaction between pro-oxidant and antioxidant systems, being a significant indicator of physiological resistance of the organism to these factors (6,19). However, endogenic system of antioxidant defense (AOS) cannot cope with the intensification of oxidative processes. AOS activity in onco patients was found to be…

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