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Ozone Therapy Female Genital Organs

Ozone Therapy Female Genital Organs

Ozone Therapy Female Genital Organs

The New Method of Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases of  Lower Female Genital Organs

Guennadi O. Gretchkanev1, Tatyana S. Katchalina2, Olga V. Katchalina3, El-Hassoun Husein4
1,2,3Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Academy of Nizhny Novgorod,
Pl. Minina 10/1, 603005 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
4 Russian Association of Ozone Therapy, Jordan


For treatment of  40 patients with non-specific colpitis we used a method of streaming ozone therapy with assistance of the ozone generator MEDOZONS-BM and special attachment on the basis of vaginal speculum. The irrigation with an ozone-oxygen mixture with ozone concentration of 2000 mcg/L was carried out within  5 minutes after preliminary moistening of mucosa with sterile distilled water.

In the course of investigations it was established that along with a positive clinical effect ozone therapy caused an improvement in vaginal local immunity indices – a credible increase in lysozyme in 70% of patients, a decrease in IgG level in 60% of patients, stabilization of cervical mucus myeloperoxidase in 80% of patients.


The  problem  of  infectious  diseases  and  dysbiosis  nowadays  acquires  particularly  great importance  that  is  connected  with  growing  ecological  problems  of  urbanized  society, exposure to various adverse factors having influence on the immunity status in general as well as micro biocenosis of human body. It is established that the pathological processes of vaginal micro biocenosis are caused by such stress factors as treatment with antibiotics (at local and systemic  level),  hormones,  cytostatic  preparations,  X-ray  therapy,  particularly  on  the background of endocrinopathies (most of all, diabetes), anemia, in case of birth defects of genital organs, the use of contraceptives and so on (1). It is convincingly demonstrated that the disturbances of a quantitative correlation between the association of vaginal micro biocenosis on the background of local immunity changes lead to clinical appearances of vaginal infection process, the most frequent of them are non-specific vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis (1,3). Bacterial vaginosis is detected in 24% of practically healthy women and in 61% of patients with recidivating colpitis of nonspecific etiology (2), frequency of nonspecific vaginitis, in reference to different authors, reaches 40 to 50%. The extensive use of new antibiotics does not solve the problem, but in some cases aggravates it by inducing the disturbances of the local and  general  immunity,  by  suppressing  saprophytic  flora,  by  causing  the  formation  of antibiotic-resistant forms of microorganisms, by creating favourable conditions for infection that increases frequency of recidivating colpitis. In this connection, our attention is drawn to the methods of treatment which can be characterized as highly effective against the most frequent causative agents of infection, able to reduce antibiotic and any other drug therapies and able to restore the normal vaginal biocenosis.

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