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Ozone Therapy Internal Disease

Ozone therapy internal disease

Ozone Therapy Internal Disease

Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Internal Disease

Oleg.V.Maslennikov 1, Claudia N. Kontorshchikova 2, Sergey V.Andosov 3 ,
Irina A.Gribkova 4, Elena E.Pavlovskaya 5,  Elena A.Piatina 6
1,3,4,5,6 Department of New Medical Technologies, Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy,
3-Ashkhabadskaya str, N.Novgorod, 603600, Russia
2 Chair of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics, Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy,
10/1 Minin sq., N. Novgorod, 603005, Russia


The results of ozone therapy used in managing 500 patients with the most common internal diseases is presented. There was used a wide range of methods based on ozone/oxygen mixtures. Ozone therapy proved to be highly  effective  in  the  treatment  of  patients  with  cardio-vascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal and endocrinological diseases. Positive results were received in 90% of cases.


The use of ozone/oxygen mixtures in medicine has come to be quite a new approach in treatment of various diseases. Ozone capacity to enhance the delivery and release of oxygen into tissues, as well as its disinfectant properties stipulate the extensive use of ozone therapy. It proved to be efficient, tolerable and easy to use (14,15). The aim of the article is to share the results of ozone therapy use in the treatment of 500 patients with internal pathologies – cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology.

Material and Methods

Various methods to administer ozone/oxygen mixtures were used: intravenous infusions of ozonated saline,  major  and  minor  autohemotherapy  of  ozonated  blood,  intramuscular  and  subcutaneous injections of gas mixtures, rectal insufflations, ozonated water or oil per os. Ozone therapy was applied both as a monotherapy and in combination with medications. If it was started and continued along with the use of medicines, their dosage was gradually reduced with improvement of patient’s condition.

While evaluating the results of ozone therapy we regarded 50% symptoms reduction as “Good”(valid improvement).  A  lower  level  in  the  improvement  of  patients  condition  was  estimated  as “Satisfactory”. No improvement or worsening in the patients state was qualified as “Unsatisfactory”.

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