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Ozone Therapy Bone Surgery

Ozone therapy bone surgery

Ozone Therapy Bone Surgery

Ozone-oxygen therapy in maxillofacial bone surgery

Malanchuk V.A., Kopchak A.V.
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, National Medical University,
Zoologichna 1, Kiev, Ukraine


The aim of the study was to estimate the clinical efficiency of the ozone-oxygen therapy in patients who underwent the maxillofacial bone reconstructive operations. For this purpose 75 patients with mandible(9) and maxillary deformations(12), jaw fractures(35), defects(3) and posttraumatic deformations(6) of facial bones were studied. Different types of osteotomy, with intraoral approach mainly, followed by distraction were performed. Ozone therapy, that included rinsing of oral cavity by ozonated water and intravenous injections of ozonated saline (200-400m1 with ozone concentration 1-1,5 mg/1), was used in postoperative period. Immunological studies showed the immune system suppression preoperatively in all groups of patients, especially as to the T-system (p<0,01) and local protective factors in saliva (p<0,05) in compare to control group of healthy persons.

Immunosuppression accompanied by activation of oral microflora increased the risk of complications development. After ozone application we observed the increase in immunological indexes as well as the improving of oral hygiene. The biochemical studies of the lipid peroxidation indicated the mild compensatory activation of antioxidant system. At the same time the level of peroxidation products in saliva and blood did not increase. That proves the absence of toxical effect of ozone in proposed concentrations. The acceleration of clinical signs dynamics was also observed. The received results show that ozone therapy enables to improve the postoperative period flow and to diminish the risk of complication development in facial bone surgery.

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