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Ozone Therapy Neuropathy

Ozone therapy neuropathy

Ozone Therapy Neuropathy

Ozone Therapy in complex treatment of neuropathy in burn patients.

Rasterayeva M.1, Struchkov S1., Belova A.1, Peretaygin S1., Khroulev S1.
Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Russian Burns Center Russia, Nizhny Novgorod


Neuropathy in burned patients is frequently overlooked. This problem is reported in the literature very poorly. The nature and the pathogenesis of the peripheral nerves impairment after burn trauma are not well known. No specific medical treatment is known to be of value in the prevention or cure of neuropathies in these patients.

20 patients with thermal burns complicated with nerves impairment were included into the study. All patients had thermal burns, the total body surface area burned ranged from 5% to 35% with most of these burns arranged on legs. Control group (20 patients) was randomized. The etiology of neuropathy development was long healing burn wounds in the region of nerve trunk projection. Ozone therapy was resend in all patients with neuropathies.
The ground for its appointment was bacteriostatic and trophic effect of ozone. Ozone was used in form of local application for 15 – 20 minutes every day, 10 procedures for course.

Positive results improvement of sensitivity in region of autonomous innervations, decrease in manifestation of movement disorders. Were obtained in 17 patients with neuropathies, no improvement was observed in 3 patients.

The efficiency of ozone therapy confirmed electroneuromyography. The increase of conduction velocity in motor and sensory fibers was registered. In compartment with control group acceleration of the burn wound healing after ozone therapy was reached.

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