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Ozone Therapy Methyl Linoleate

Ozone Therapy Methyl Linoleate

Ozone Therapy Methyl Linoleate

Effect  of  α-Tocopherol  During  in  Vitro  Ozonation  of Methyl Linoleate. Its Implication in Ozone Therapy.

 Maritza F. Díaz Gómez1; José A. Gavín Sazatornil2; Frank Hernández Rosales1 and Wilfredo Díaz1 Rubí.
Ozone Research Center. National Center for Scientific Research. Havana, Cuba. P.O. Box 6412,  Havana,  Cuba.
2University  of  the  Laguna 38207, Tenerife, Spain.


Systemic ozone therapy is widely used as an oxidant therapy to restore many troubles and diseases. It is known that ozone therapy works through a transient oxidative stress that relays the beneficial effects to long distance from the application site. The convenience of supporting patients with antioxidants during systemic ozone therapy applications is now under discussion. We studied the reaction of linoleate (one of the main constituents of cellular membranes and plasma phospholipids) with ozone in presence or absence of α-tocopherol, in order to explore whether the combination of ozone and antioxidant has some effect on those ozonation products that produce the transient oxidative stress.

The reaction was followed by Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (1H-NMR) using 35 and  69 mg/L as ozone concentrations, and  50,  90, and  130 micromolar α-tocopherol concentrations with 0.0048 M of methyl linoleate. Ozonide (δ = 5.2 ppm) and aldehydes (δ = 9.63 ppm and δ = 9.74 ppm) intensities from 1H-NMR signals markedly decreased with α-tocopherol addition. When α-tocopherol is absent, the intensities from olefinic proton signals diminished with ozone concentration increment; however, with α-tocopherol in the mixture a smaller decrement was achieved. No detectable signals were found with the ozonation of α-tocopherol without methyl linoleate in the reaction mixture. These results suggest that α-tocopherol reacts with ozonation products from the reaction of ozone with methyl linoleate. This fact point out that antioxidant supplementation during systemic ozone  therapy (major  and  minor  autohemotherapy,  rectal  insufflation,  etc)  can  be detrimental in achieving the needed transient oxidative stress.

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