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Ozone Therapy Radiation Cancer

Ozone therapy radiation cancer

Ozone Therapy Radiation Cancer

Experimental Research of Biological Effects of Ozone Therapy and Radiation Therapy in Cancer Animals

 Tatiana Scherbatyuk, Svetlana Alekhina, Vladimir Romanov, Irina Ivanova,
Central Research Laboratory, Medical Academy, Minin square, 10/1,
603005 Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.


Malignant growth is known to disbalance the correlation between free radicals and antioxidant defence system. Is shown, that the introduction ozonated physiological saline as independent means, and in a complex with gamma-irradiation increases oxidizing reactions in tumor and suppresses it antioxidant protective properties; reduces the intensity glycometabolism in a tumor, that results in seen regressive morphological changes, namely: to increase of necrosis volume.

The pro-antioxidant balance of organism is restored, glyco metabolism parameters and phagocytosis activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes are normalized, level of endotoxemia is decreased. The assumption an opportunity of reduction of a used doze of an irradiation expresses.


The mechanisms of intensifying of a radiation injury of a cell are connected to processes including development of free-radicals oxidation reactions in cellular membranes. In our opinion, the application of radial therapy in a complex with ozone therapy will result not only in rising selectivity of action of ionizing radiations based on oxygenous effect, but also intensifying dangerous free-radical environment of a tumor.

The idea to apply ozone in the treatment of neoplasia comes from the possibility to make use of the impaired metabolism of cancer cells.

Firstly, in malignant growth is known to disbalance the correlation between free radicals and antioxidant  defence  system.  Tumor  strains  revel  greater  amount  of  natural  antioxidants compared to that in the normal tissues. In neoplasia antioxidant defence system becomes exhausted, while in the tumor – antioxidant activity increases inhibiting free radicals and providing intense cellular proliferation (4,7). Hence, in this case ozone used to correct the cellular redox  balance can be regarded as  a  measure  capable  to  normalise  free  radical processes.

Secondly, cancer cells are distinguished by the respiratory disorder and increased capacity for intensive glycolysis. Consequently, the use of ozone as a powerful oxidiser can be regarded as a mighty agent capable to interfere into the competitive respiration /glycolysis relations within the tumor cell.

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