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Ozone Therapy Critically Ill

Ozone therapy critically ill

Ozone Therapy Critically Ill

Ozone Therapy: Experiences in Critically ill Patients

José Turrent1, Silvia Menéndez*2
1¨Cira García¨ Central Clinic. PO Box 2716. Havana 13. Cuba
2Ozone Research Center. PO Box 6880. Havana C. Cuba


Ozone therapy is presented like an alternative therapy in critically ill patients. After ozone therapy, an improvement in the hemodynamic parameters with an increase in tissue oxygenation were demonstrated. No modifications in the cardiac output were reported. A modulating effect of ozone therapy in certain biochemical parameters  was  observed.  Also,  microbiologic  cultures  were  negative  and leukocyte  figure  became  normal.  An  ozone  therapy  preventive  effect  in  the appearance of generalized sepsis was observed. With all these results we conclude that ozone therapy can be considered as a prophylactic therapy in critically ill patients.


Critically ill patients that are submitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), represent a challenge for the multidisciplinary teamwork. Because of the wide variety of physiological elements that are involved, a great quantity of death per year are present in the whole world.

In the United States for example, sepsis develops in more than 750 000 critically patients each year with only 50 to 70 % survival rate. Unfortunately, because of the high mortality rate associated with sepsis, there are in excess of 600 patients per day dying of sepsis-related complications in the United States alone (1).

Despite a long history of efforts to produce efficacious therapeutic interventions just like intensive  medical  care,  antibiotic  treatments  and  surgery  when  indicated,  the  condition remains a major cause of hospital-based mortality and morbidity (2-4). Several therapeutic strategies have been used in order to minimize this problem with variable results.

Ozone therapy is presented like an alternative therapy due to its different biological effects. Specifically: improvement in the oxygen metabolism, modulation in the biological oxidative stress and in the immunologic system (Figure 1) (5-9).

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