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Ozonated Oil Fistula Wound

Ozonated oil fistula wound

Ozonated Oil Fistula Wound

Therapeutic Effects of Ozonized Olive Oil in the Treatment of  Intractable Fistula and Wound after Surgical Operation

Akiyo Matsumoto1, Shotaro Sakurai2, Nariko Shinriki3, Shigeru Suzuki4 and Toshiaki Miura5
1Department of Surgery, Chiba-Tokushukai Hospital, Narashino-dai, Funabashi, 274-8503, Japan
2Department of Pharmacy, Kashiwa Municipal Hospital, Fuse, Kashiwa, 277-0825, Japan
3Tsukuba Materials Information Laboratory, Sapporo Branch, Sapporo, 062-0906, Japan
4Nippon Ozone Co. Ltd., Arakawa 7-4-3, Tokyo, 116-0002, Japan
5College of Medical Technology, Hokkaido University, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0812, Japan


20 patients at several hospitals who underwent surgical operation between August 1998 to August 2000 had ozonized olive oil applied to their intractable fistula or wounds. The ozonized olive oil treatment was fully effective in 19 of the cases. The one exception was for a case of pilonidal sinus. Ozonized olive oil was especially effective in treating intractable abdominal fistula to digestive tract after surgical operation.  No  adverse  side  effects  were  observed  in  the  administration  of  the ozonized olive oil. It was fully effective for a discharge of pus and the formation of granulation.


There have been many cases of intractable fistula forming after surgical operations. In Europe ozonized olive oil has been used to treat serious wounds and good results have been achieved, however it has almost never been used in clinical applications in Japan. We started to test ozonized olive oil by treating intractable wound which resulted in a cure. Since then we have applied it for many kinds of cases, e.g., intractable fistula, decubitus anal fistula, pilonidal sinus and so on. We will report good results we achieved.

Materials and Methods

The main component of ozonized olive oil was found to be triolein triozonide as explained in the proceeding presentation.. Refrigerated ozonized olive oil which was obtained from Pharmoxid, Germany was brought to a viscous state at room temperature before use. 20 patients who had been treated unsuccessfully for intractable fistulas and wounds were selected. These patients had previously been treated by curettage, saline deterge, antibiotic ointment and/or drainage. Before treatment with ozonized olive oil an informed consent form was obtained.

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