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Ozonated Solutions Peptic Ulcer

Ozonated Solutions Peptic Ulcer

Ozonated Solutions Peptic Ulcer

The Influence of Ozonized Solutions on the Oxyntic Function of a Stomach of Patients with Peptic Ulcer of a Bulb of a Duodenal Intestine.

Serova A.N., Boyarinov G.A., Muratov S.V., Panteleyev V.L.
Medical Center HELP, Zvezdinka 7 – 181, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


The examination of 46 patients with peptic ulcer of a bulb of a duodenal intestine (PUBDI) and 30 healthy people has been conducted. The ozonized physiological solution was injected to the patients with PUBDI intravenously. The ozonated distilled water was taken by the patients perorally. The healthy people took only ozonated distilled water. The research of the secretory function of a stomach was conducted by the method of inside – gastric pH-measuring.It is ascertained that the intravenous injection of ozonized physiological solution and the peroral dose of ozonized distilled water do not influence the oxyntic function of a stomach.


In the last few years in a number of countries, including Russia, the concern to usage of ozone at treatment of a lot of diseases has been increasing. It is known that the ozone renders antibacterial, funginous, antiviral, immunomodulating effect, stimulates antioxidant protection, improves microcirculation and reparation of tissues. Many works about the successful usage of ozonized solutions at treatment of patients with PUBDI have appeared nowadays. In particular there are positive results of anti helicobacter effect of ozonized solutions both at monotherapy and in a complex with the drugs of colloidal bismuth and blockers of a proton pump. Ozonized solutions promoted the decrease of an amount of relapses of disease, positive dynamics of clinical signs was scored (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7,8). But we have not found any data on study of influence of ozonized solutions on the oxyntic function of a stomach in the literature. In this connection the study of influence of different methods of ozonotherapy on the secretory function of a stomach seems to be expedient to us. The purpose of our work was to study the influence of ozonized physiological solution and ozonated distilled water on the oxyntic function of a stomach of the patients with PUBDI and healthy people.

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