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Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated olive oil

Ozonated Olive Oil

Structure Elucidation of Ozonated Olive Oil

 Toshiaki Miura1, Shigeru Suzuki2, Shotaro Sakurai3, Akio Matsumoto4 and Nariko Shinriki5
 1College of Medical Technology, Hokkaido University, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0812, Japan
2Nippon Ozone Co. Ltd., Arakawa, 7-4-3, Tokyo, 116-0002, Japan
3Department of Pharmacy, Kashiwa Municipal Hospital, Fuse, Kashiwa, 277-0825, Japan
4Department of Surgery, Chiba-Tokushukai Hospital, Narashino-dai, Funabashi, 274-8503, Japan
5Tsukuba Materials Information Laboratory, Sapporo Branch, Sappororo, 062-0906, Japan


Ozonated olive oil was prepared by bubbling ozone-oxygen gas through olive oil until it solidified. 1H- and 13C-NMR spectra of the ozonated oil showed that all C-C double bonds in triacylglycerols were converted to ozonide. The spectra also showed no other structural change and the absence of degraded products of ozonide such as aldehydes and carboxylic acids. HPLC chromatogram of the oil showed three main peaks, two of which were due to ozonides derived from triolein, the major triacylglycerol (45%) in olive oil. These results indicate that main components of the ozonated olive oil are triolein triozonide.


Ozonated (ozonized) olive oil is prepared by bubbling ozone-oxygen gas through pure olive oil until it solidifies. In European countries the ozonated olive oil has been applied topically to a variety of cutaneous diseases for disinfecting the lesions and promoting their healing (1). Though little attention has been paid to the therapy with ozonated olive oil in Japan, we have recently demonstrated that the ozonated oil is beneficial to the patients with intractable fistula or wounds. The ozonated olive oil is supposed to contain ozonides and/or peroxides (2, 3) but no definitive experimental evidences for their structures have appeared in the scientific literatures. For the medical use of the ozonated olive oil, its quality standardization is of great importance. In this paper, we measured spectral data of the ozonated olive oil in order to elucidate the structure of its main component. The stability of the ozonated oil was also investigated by a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

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