Portable Unit without SAFE

Portable Unit without SAFE

…Introducing the new portable Ozone Unit, half the price of the large unit but all the functionality other than Simple Access Fluid Extraction capabilities.




Length : 60cm  Breadth : 40 cm  Height: 40 cm,  Weight: 30kg
No filters or plates to clean or to replace.
Minimal maintenance.
Voltage used: 220V – 240V or 110V – 120V
Controller pump: 000-100, commonly used (30-50)
Temperature: – 25 ° c
Oxygen tank: 2000 (psi) –  1 bar
Ozone purity: 99.9%, no nitrogen by-products.
Feed Gas: Oxygen

Ozone output varies dramatically with level of humidity, temperature and other environmental factors
Ozone Output: 4,000 mg/day or 166 mg/hr
Ozone Concentration at 1CFH: 600 PPM
EMI Suppression and Transient Protected Up to 2,000VAC
Operating Temperature: +27°F to +140°F.

This is an ozone generator machine that produced ozone concentration at the calibrated amount.

Portable Unit is divided into 2 compartments.
The first compartment consists of console box that houses the peristaltic pump.
The second compartment is the reactor chamber where ozone is generated. Includes a steel dual Luer lock for ease of operation and syringe access.

Leak proof construction tested at up to 150 PSIG, stainless steel enclosure, reliable, less operating cost.

Test Report on evaluation of extremely low frequency (ELF), Low Frequency (LF) and Radio Frequency (RF) of Medical Device by Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT), find that the machine is safe to be operated and used.

The use of the machine:
The Portable unit produces ozone concentrations as per our regiments to treat patients. There are many ways to use ozone to treat various ailments for example:-
Vaginal insufflation
Rectal insufflation
Penile insufflation
Ozonated saline infusion
MAHT- Major Autohemtherapy
AHT – Minor Autohemotherapy
Direct Injection

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