Ozone Therapy Videos

Videos on the Use of Medical Ozone

Ozone Therapy Videos


The following are a handpicked set of ozone therapy videos done at the clinic in Asia by myself and my colleagues. These videos show not only the methods used to treat patients but as well the importance and magnitude of success that is RHP Ozone Therapy. When watching these videos please note the far reaching effect of ozone or rather medical ozone has in respect to heart health, cardiovascular issues and disease. One must understand that our health is dictated by how healthy our hearts are and that is also dictated on how healthy our blood is. This therapy not only restores the function of the heart and veins, arteries and capillaries but as well purifies the blood like no other therapy can. We use various amounts of ozone and a filter to do this but do not kid yourself it really is not as easy as that. This is a true medical procedure done by a well trained and certified staff. Many places, people and institutions have tried to do either similar therapies or have outright tried to copy this therapy. The results have been not so successful and some have been hurt by this action. Please note that while searching for this therapy, ask yourself the basic question that anyone with common sense would, am I going to a certified individual to get this therapy done and is he/she using certified RHP ozone therapy equipment? If the answer is no, you may be taking your life or health into a direction of risk and I would highly advise against following through. If you need to speak to me and want to know if that person is certified or if their equipment is certified, I am always available either by phone or email and will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. You can reach me personally at peter@medicalozone.info, I do answer all email promptly…




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