RHP™ Ozone Therapy Uses

RHP or Recirculatory Haemoperfusion™ Ozone Generators

This is a list of:

RHP™ Ozone Therapy Uses


The versatility of our ozone therapy units are what others only dream about. Take a look at all the uses that our generators can and will enable you as the purchaser to achieve. There are no units on the market anywhere in the world that can even come close to the many functions and uses of our generators. We take pride in what we have achieved to date and we also thank our end users for all the suggestions that they have given us over the years. This has enabled us to manufacture the best and most versatile units ever made.

• Recirculatory Haemoperfusion™ also known as RHP,
• Extra-Corporeal Oxidation and Ozonation also known as EBOO,
• Blood Bag Purification,
• Aquapherisis also known as Simple Access Fluid Extraction or SAFE,
• Direct Ozone Injection also known as DIV,
• Major Autohaemotherapy also known as MAHT,
• Minor Autohaemotherapy,
• Ozonated Blood Homeopathy,
• Ozonated Saline or Sterile Water Infusion,
• Intra-Muscular Injection,
• Prolotherapy or Joint Injection,
• Ear Insufflation,
• Rectal Insufflation,
• Vaginal Insufflation,
• Ozonated Enema Infusion,
• Ozonated Vaginal Flush,
• Direct Skin Sterilization,
• Dental Ozonation,
• Sauna Ozonation,
• Ozone Bagging,
• Spa,
• Pool and Jacuzzi Purification,
• Water and Oil Ozonation,
• Water Purification and Sterilization,
• Air Ozonation and Sterilization.

This is by no means a complete list of RHP™ Ozone Therapy Uses as innovation and experience tend to create more and more uses in medical ozone therapy. When considering an Medical Ozone Generator, one must consider the usage and versatility. Our generators can supply you with the basic of functions and allow you to expand to more serious advanced applications of Ozone Therapy. This would enable you the end user to perform any type of medical ozone service that you wish. Should you want to better understand the uses of Medical Ozone Therapy, go to this link. For a complete list of generators, functions and specifications, please click here…


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